DNA Analyses in Avian Ecological Studies. Phylogeny and Conservation Genetics
鳥類の生態研究におけるDNA分析 系統と保全遺伝学を中心に

Ken Ishida
1996 Journal of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology  
In avian ecology, utilization of molecular techniques, especially DNA polymorphism analyses, has been increasing. Current avian molecular studies include three major interrelated approaches; molecular phylogeny, molecular genetics and conservation genetics. This review describes the outline of Sibley's tapestry, examples of studies utilizing the three approaches and discusses molecular tools, ethical problems and future possibilties. RFLP of mitochondrial DNA has been the most popular method
more » ... detecting polymorphism in the last decade, the PCR-directed sequencing technique, however, is becoming common, and Microsatellite DNA and MHC are expected to be important in the near future. Diverse applications of molecular techniques will be also a major future trend in avian ecology and evolution.
doi:10.3312/jyio1952.28.51 fatcat:izacat44tvbqlpcxdzkuk245na