Ricerca esplorativa sull'introduzione di e-book in classi quinte di scuola primaria

Giovanni Moretti, Arianna Morini
2014 ECPS - Educational Cultural and Psychological Studies  
The paper presents the results of an explorative study on the introduction of illustrated and interactive e-books in primary schools. Starting from the analysis of the issues that national and international researches have highlighted over the last few years, the present study focuses on the concept of engaged reader and underlines two interesting aspects: the selection of top quality e-books and the process of familiarizing children with the new reading format. This explorative empirical study
more » ... ive empirical study was carried out in two primary schools in Italy, with eighty-two children of four 5th-grade classes who were given the task of reading of an e-book using a tablet device. The children were individually observed during the interaction with the e-book. Each group of children had a comprehension test after the reading session and then a recorded interview at the end of the activity. After collecting and processing the data, we analyzed the strategies and the personal reaction of the children during the reading. We highlight the flexible characteristic of the e-book and the possibility of personalizing the reading process. Moreover, we consider the key role of the teachers in getting the children to familiarize with the e-book. We more deeply analyze some aspects influencing the reader's comprehension and engagement, and highlight the importance of integrating different book formats in the school context.
doi:10.7358/ecps-2014-010-more fatcat:oot3apwtpvcsjifao5zf2wxdbm