A Lightweight and Drift-Free Fusion Strategy for Drone Autonomous and Safe Navigation

Chi Zhang, Zhong Yang, Haoze Zhuo, Luwei Liao, Xin Yang, Tang Zhu, Guotao Li
2023 Drones  
Self-localization and state estimation are crucial capabilities for agile drone autonomous navigation. This article presents a lightweight and drift-free vision-IMU-GNSS tightly coupled multisensor fusion (LDMF) strategy for drones' autonomous and safe navigation. The drone is carried out with a front-facing camera to create visual geometric constraints and generate a 3D environmental map. Ulteriorly, a GNSS receiver with multiple constellations support is used to continuously provide
more » ... ge, Doppler frequency shift and UTC time pulse signals to the drone navigation system. The proposed multisensor fusion strategy leverages the Kanade–Lucas algorithm to track multiple visual features in each input image. The local graph solution is bounded in a restricted sliding window, which can immensely predigest the computational complexity in factor graph optimization procedures. The drone navigation system can achieve camera-rate performance on a small companion computer. We thoroughly experimented with the LDMF system in both simulated and real-world environments, and the results demonstrate dramatic advantages over the state-of-the-art sensor fusion strategies.
doi:10.3390/drones7010034 fatcat:6bwkahvrkzekxceccl2elxqquy