Greentree Group Evaluation of Prognosis of Madhumeha by Tail Bindu Mutra Pareeksha: A Case Study

Int Ayu, Pharm Chem, Neha Tiwari, Swapnil Saini, Akhilesh Shrivastva, Rajesh Manglesh, Dalip Sharma
2017 Greentree Group © IJAPC Int J Ayu Pharm Chem   unpublished
Prognosis is an important aspect of diagnosis and treatment. Here we report a case study of a male of 65 years suffering from Type 2 DM since last 16 years. In the present case study, fasting blood sugar level of patient was compared with the findings of tail bindu mutra pareeksha. Patient was advised to bring the morning first midstream urine to perform the tail bindu mutra pareeksha simultaneously FBS level was also checked. It was observed that when oil drop spread immediately on the urine
more » ... rface FBS level was 101mg/dl. On next visit, the patient was asked to bring the same morning first midstream urine and tail bindu mutra pareeksha was performed as before but at this time the oil drop did not spread and it remained as pearl shaped; FBS was 202 mg/dl at that day. On comparison, these findings of tail bindu mutra pareeksha were found to be relevant. As according to Yogratnakar, if oil drop spreads on the urine surface, then disease is sadhya (curable) and if it does not spread, then the disease is kashta-sadhya (difficult to treat). Hence, Tail bindu mutra pareeksha can be used to assess prognosis and to plan the suitable treatment.