Development of a Modularity Index for Reliability Assessment of Isolation Valve Systems

Orazio Giustolisi
Mechanical reliability refers to the assessment of the capacity of the water distribution network (WDN) to provide a correct service to the different type of costumers under abnormal operating conditions due to a failure of a system component. It depends on the effectiveness of the isolation valve system (IVS) and on the failure probability of components. Starting from the calculation of the actual customer demands during abnormal operating conditions of the hydraulic systems due to valve
more » ... due to valve shutdowns and the failure probability of the separated segments, the work develops a metric for WDN reliability assessment. The finding is that the topologic part of WDN reliability assessment, relating to the IVS, is based on the risk of disconnection. Starting from it, the works develops a special modularity index for IVS reliability assessment.
doi:10.29007/m56l fatcat:ljhtrlzwhnhdvhlfyjfns7ml6u