Physical Reality and Essence of Imaginary Numbers in Astrophysics: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Space

Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
2018 Natural Science  
Dark matter and dark energy phenomenon which has been totally incomprehensible until very recently is explained by existence, besides our Universe, other invisible parallel universes in the hidden Multiverse. Such explanation of dark matter and dark energy phenomenon in astrophysics has become possible only after proving of the principle of physical reality of imaginary numbers discovered in mathematics 500 years ago. And the principle of physical reality of imaginary numbers has made the
more » ... has made the postulate of light speed non-exceedance in the special theory of relativity unnecessary. Therefore, all relativistic formulas in this theory should be adjusted. As follows from the adjusted relativistic formulas, we live in Multiverse rather than in Monoverse. All parallel universes of the Multiverse are mutually invisible, therefore Multiverse is called hidden. WMAP and Planck data analysis has showed that the hidden Multiverse has a quaternion structure and contains 20 -22 parallel universes, of which 5 -6 are adjacent to our universe, and others are further. And these parallel universes are linked by unidirectional and bidirectional portals. Some portals link the hidden Multiverse with other Multiverses, which form a dark space. The multiverses of dark space together with the hidden Multiverse form Hyperverse.
doi:10.4236/ns.2018.101002 fatcat:az7nckqol5ejbpd7es7a7xazim