End-to-end Graph Mapper End-to-end Graph Mapper

Benjamin Billet, Mickaël Jurret, Didier Parigot, Patrick Valduriez, Benjamin Billet, Patrick Valduriez
The growth of linked data in web and mobile applications motivates software developers to model their business data as graphs, enabling them to leverage the capabilities of various graph databases. Going one step further, we introduce an End-to-end Graph Mapper (EGM) for modeling the whole application as (i) a set of graphs representing the business data, the in-memory data structure maintained by the application and the user interface (tree of graphical components), and (ii) a set of
more » ... ed mapping operators that maps these graphs with each other. As a benefit, the application becomes a complex live query over multiple graph databases, making the development process simpler and safer, thanks to the automation of repetitive development tasks. This work is done in collaboration with Beepeers (www.beepeers.com), a startup that develops and markets social network mobile applications for small communities. CCS CONCEPTS • Information systems → Graph-based database models; • Software and its engineering → Model-driven software engineering;