Superwide-angle one-way wave propagator and its application in imaging steep salt flanks

Xiaofeng Jia, Ru-Shan Wu
2009 Geophysics  
One-way wave propagators have been used extensively in forward and inverse problems. The advantages of one-way wave propagators are the fast speed of computation and the large savings in computer resources. However, regular oneway wave propagators have inherent angle limitation to within 90°of the preferred direction ͑e.g., z-direction͒. We propose to overcome the limitation by a superwide-angle oneway method, which combines and interpolates two orthogonally propagated one-way wavefields in the
more » ... y wavefields in the 2D case. A weight function determined by the propagation angle is employed to combine the two one-way wavefields. In the current implementation, we use the wavefield gradient to estimate the propagation angle. Numerical experiments show that the proposed method has accurate superwide-angle ͑Ͼ90°͒ propagation and can model turning waves well. By applying the superwide-angle one-way wave propagator on several synthetic model data sets, we can demonstrate the validity of the method in imaging steep and overhanging salt flanks.
doi:10.1190/1.3124686 fatcat:tu5ury5drrflzd5we43dggtebu