A proper folder recommendation technique using frequent itemsets for efficient e-mail classification
효과적인 이메일 분류를 위한 빈발 항목집합 기반 최적 이메일 폴더 추천 기법

Jong-Pil Moon, Won-Suk Lee, Joong-Hyuk Chang
2011 Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information  
Since an e-mail has been an important mean of communication and information sharing, there have been much effort to classify e-mails efficiently by their contents. An e-mail has various forms in length and style, and words used in an e-mail are usually irregular. In addition, the criteria of an e-mail classification are subjective. As a result, it is quite difficult for the conventional text classification technique to be adapted to an e-mail classification efficiently. An e-mail classification
doi:10.9708/jksci.2011.16.2.033 fatcat:yuhnctvfgrecpcms3h5iafcjpi