Tálium a jeho obsah v karbonatických horninách na lokalite Remata

Julián Kondela, Marián Košuth, Marcela Kondelová
1996 Acta Montanistica Slovaca Ročník   unpublished
Thallium and its contents in Remata carbonate rocks The article presents at first the list of thallium own minerals and its isomorphic content in other minerals, especially in Slovakian ore deposits. This trace element was found in numerous dolomite-rock samples from Remata massif near Handlová. An interesting level of Tl content was analyzed in nonsilicified rocks; the highest content of Tl (and Ag) are along the E-W line of disturbance. The presence of thallium in some limonitic aggregates in
more » ... nitic aggregates in close Kremnica-gold deposit indicate any continuous relation. Some similarities to type gold deposits Carlin (USA) are discussed, even if no gold and discrete thallium phases were in Remata determined yet.