Effect of moisture stress on seed germination and early seedling growth of pulse crops

Saeed Ahmed
2018 Pure and Applied Biology  
Citation Saeed Ahmed, Zafar Ullah, Zia ul Haq, Muhammad Raza Siddiqui and Sohail Latif. Effect of moisture stress on seed germination and early seedling growth of pulse crops. Pure and Applied Biology. Vol. 7, Issue 2, pp775-782. http://dx. Abstract In vitro research was conducted to determine the influence of moisture stress on germination of pulse crops in Agronomy Department, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, during 2014. Four pulse crops viz: Mung bean, field pea, lentil and cow pea
more » ... re tested for germination traits under three moisture stress conditions. All the crops were kept at room temperature and in germinator at 30 o C. The moisture stress significantly reduced germination and early growth parameters. The germination and growth parameter were recorded after 4 and 12 days, respectively. Root shoot ratio was calculated for growth parameters. The maximum seed germination (87.33 %), shoot length (326.0 mm), root length (145.7 mm) were recorded in field pea. Fresh shoot weight (22640 mg), dry shoot weight (2513 mg) and dry root weight (1897 mg) were recorded in cowpea. The minimum seed germination (67.33 %), fresh shoot weight (2227 mg), fresh root weight (1877 mg), were recorded in mungbean. Whereas minimum shoot length (185.3 mm) and root length (85.00 mm) were observed in cowpea and lentil, respectively. The maximum seed germination (86.42%), root length (112.3 mm), fresh shoot weight and dry root weight were recorded under daily moisture conditions. Results reflected that daily and alternate day moisture application proved better germination and seedling growth traits while two days after moisture application showed stress as the result of poor growth of early plant traits. The best seed germination and growth traits were recorded in field pea while cow pea ranked second, lentil third and mung bean fourth.
doi:10.19045/bspab.2018.70096 fatcat:tgkscxk75bfdrcltvowkwwogn4