Paurush Praveen, Erfan Younesi and Martin Hofmann-Apitius [article]

Modeling inter-species molecular cross-talks in three host- parasite systems by expansion of their sparse information space
2012 arXiv   pre-print
The emergence of cross species interactions at protein level is a part of molecular mechanisms that lead to parasitic diseases. Comprehensive modelling can capture such interactions and could be useful to understand their pathophysiology and assist in identifying novel drug targets. Using combination of databases, text minig and predictive methods, we expanded the sparse information space of protein-protein interactions in three parasitic diseases namely, malaria, sleeping sickness and cattle
more » ... st coast fever. These network models revealed significant similarities in molecular mechanisms underlaying host's invasion, immuno-modulation and energy metabolism. The models also suggested new possible pathways in the inter-species protein interaction maps. Enrichment of these maps with drug-target informations showed a plethora of drug space to be explored and led to proposal of two new targets for each malaria and sleeping sickness.
arXiv:1209.5588v1 fatcat:juy6bvsjivgv3ndblgssomakhu