Abstract of the Scientific Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Annual Congress of the American Laryngological Association, Held at Washington, D. C., May 1 to 3, 1922

1922 Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology  
EDITOR, AND C. J. IMPERATORI, M. D., ASSOCIATE ABSTRACT EDITOR. HARMON SMITH, M. D., NEW YORK CITY, IN THE CHAIR. Dr. Harmon Smith of New York welcomed the guests and visualized the present status, scientific, intellectual and social of the association. The aims and aspirations of this body should not be to fill the full quota of membership, nor to crowd the program with numerous essays, but rather to emphasize merit at the expense of numbers, remembering that "much is not many." Dr. Smith then
more » ... ny." Dr. Smith then made a plea for the amalgamation of otologic and laryngologic associations, for the reason that the coming specialist will be compelled to familiarize himself with the ear as well as with the nose and throat. Results of the Mosher Operation for O'acryocystltis. DR. CHARLES ,V. RICHARDSON, Washington, presented the patient. This was an extremely infected case; the infection ran way up to the brow and was tremendously infiltrated. The whole inner side of the conjunctiva was ulcerated over a large area and there was marginal ulcer of the cornea. This was really the worst case I had, and the suppuration has entirely disappeared. This is the most satisfactory type of operation, giving the most perfect results and there is very little trouble with it. Of course, these two were extreme cases. The infiltration in the face was terrific. There would have been a great deal of breaking down of tissues and scarring if it had not been operated upon when it was.
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