The relationship between mobile phone use and risk of brain tumor: a systematic review and meta-analysis of trails in the last decade

Lige Leng
2016 Chinese Neurosurgical Journal  
The aim of the present meta-analysis was to identify whether there was a relationship between mobile phone use and risk of brain tumor. A comprehensive search strategy was developed, and studies were eliminated in a stepwise manner, based on the inclusion criteria. The current meta-analysis collected data from the 24 eligible studies to investigate the relationship between mobile phone use and risk of brain tumor, while a detailed analysis of different classification was also conducted in order
more » ... conducted in order to identify the risk of mobile phone use. From the results, the relationship between cell phone use and brain tumor incidence had no significant difference between men and women. Cell phone use can increase the RF energy absorbed in the brain and apoptosis genes expression level, but glioma cell line cells were not significantly affected. Most calculations of laterality show a trend of increasing risk for time since first use, cumulative duration of subscriptions, cumulative duration of calls, and cumulative number of calls. In Asian people's, cell phone use and glioma had certain relations, while has very little relationship with meningioma incidence. This result seems to be no racial difference. In children and teenagers, cell phone use is associated with the incidence of brain tumors. We need longer time observation to supervise longer time (>20 years) mobile phone use whether has severe effects on incidence of brain tumor.
doi:10.1186/s41016-016-0059-y fatcat:sh4i7olqv5gydoj2qw4bfbqowu