Challenges in Management of Bartholin gland Leiomyoma: A Case Report [post]

Angela Vinturache, Lamiese Ismail, Stephen Damato, Hooman Soleymani Maid
2020 unpublished
Background: Leiomyomas are uncommon vulvar neoplasms often misdiagnosed as other Bartholin gland pathology. Due to their rarity and the absence of guidelines, their diagnosis and management remain challenging, largely based on expert opinion and evidence from case reports. Case Presentation: This case report describes a 44-year-old woman presenting with accelerating growth of a vulvar mass. Based on clinical signs and symptoms, the initial diagnosis was Bartholin cyst. Surgical excision was
more » ... ided for symptom control and aesthetic reasons. The histopathologic diagnosis was vulvar leiomyoma. The postoperative recovery was complicated by secondary haematoma and dehiscence of the surgical site. There was no recurrence at two years follow up. Therefore, we discuss the dilemma posed by physical examination of a vulvar mass, the challenges of the management, and report on secondary morbidity and long-term follow up, aspects of care for patients with vulvar pathology not commonly addressed in the literature. Conclusions: Bartholin gland neoplasms are rare tumors, commonly misdiagnosed as Bartholin's cysts. Excision is the treatment of choice. Short time follow up allows prompt management of potential postoperative complications. Continuing long term follow up is recommended due to recurrence risk.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:4d5o7kjy3ndarotrtfsstrboji