Relationship between Life and Non-Life Insurance and Globalization: Study of Group D8 Countries Using Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Test

Shahram Fatahi, Abolghasem Golkhandan
2018 Faslnāmah-i Pizhūhish/Nāmah-i Iqtisādī  
This study investigates the causal linkages between insurance (divided between life and non-life insurance) and globalization in Group D8 countries by focusing on country-specific analysis for the period 1999–2011. For this purpose, we have used the penetration rate of life and non-life insurance and KOF globalization index (as a proxy of globalization) as primary variables. The method used in this study is based on the panel causality test provided by Konya (2006). This method is based on the
more » ... eemingly Unrelated Regressions (SUR) model and Wald tests with the country specific bootstrap critical values. Also, this test accounts for cross-dependency and heterogeneity among the members of the panel. Experimental results show that the causality between life and non-life insurance and globalization are not the same in different countries of D8 group, when considering their particular circumstances. For the case of Iran, only a one way causality from the globalization to non-life insurance is verified.
doi:10.22054/joer.2018.8867 doaj:e67a0cac59424764b30583d74b7fa9c4 fatcat:texm7hpog5cjlj6z2wfobntxku