Remarks on the reduced phase space of -dimensional gravity on a torus in the Ashtekar formulation

A Mikovic, N Manojlovic
1998 Classical and quantum gravity  
We examine the reduced phase space of the Barbero-Varadarajan solutions of the Ashtekar formulation of (2+1)-dimensional general relativity on a torus. We show that it is a finite-dimensional space due to existence of an infinite dimensional residual gauge invariance which reduces the infinite-dimensional space of solutions to a finite-dimensional space of gauge-inequivalent solutions. This is in agreement with general arguments which imply that the number of physical degrees of freedom for
more » ... of freedom for (2+1)-dimensional Ashtekar gravity on a torus is finite.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/15/10/009 fatcat:bfy7je6c5bdylb6jycxbwva5pi