Constrained agreement protocols for tree graph topologies

Rahul Chipalkatty, Magnus Egerstedt
2012 International Journal of Control  
This paper presents a novel way of manipulating the initial conditions in the consensus equation such that a constrained agreement problem is solved across a distributed network of agents, particularly for a network represented by a tree graph. The presented method is applied to the problem of coordinating multiple pendula attached to mobile bases. The pendula should move in such a way that their motion is synchronized, which calls for a constrained optimal control problem for each pendulum as
more » ... ell as the constrained agreement problem across the network. Simulation results are presented that support the viability of the proposed approach as well as a hardware demonstration.
doi:10.1080/00207179.2012.656288 fatcat:wow6rdgwwvbmxpbfehtahndjom