Declaration The approach of the scholar Ibn forak in his book "Mushkil al-Hadith and its Explanation"

Hashem Ismail Ibrahim, Othman Khadr Hamad Amin
2022 Researcher Journal For Islamic Sciences  
This research highlights the scholar "Ibn Fourk's" book "Al-Hadith Problems" in the aspect of understanding the text of the hadith and its jurisprudence and repelling the contradiction from it; this is because the science of the various hadiths is a great science with rules and foundations that only those with exceptional and profound linguistic, rhetoric, interpretation, Al-Hadith, jurisprudence and its origins can comprehend. Ibn Fourk was an Imam and one of the Islamic figures that fit under
more » ... this category. Recently, there have been a lot of problematic issues in hadith texts that appear to be ambiguous and contradictory, and given the importance of the hadith problems, which eliminates the problem and contradiction from the hadith. It is worthwhile to highlight the methodology of scholars who have written in this field in order to be aware of their method and scientific and doctrinal approach. This research demonstrates the Imam's efforts and methodology, and scientific value of his book.Many scholars who spoke about names and characteristics who came after him were influenced by his approaches, like Imam al-Bayhaqi and others of al-Ash'ari school who paid a lot of attention to the names and characteristics, such as, hand, eye and intercourse, and exaggerating in interpretation. The modern reader should have knowledge about these interpretations and curriculums of the contemporaries. It is obvious from the methods of scholars in decoding ambiguities and problems in al-Hadith texts through scientific methods, so that the reader may distinguish the approach of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah from the approach of people of opinion and speech.
doi:10.37940/rjis.2022.2.1.11 fatcat:3sxcdrjktnhk5ilry4y6jaomx4