Miniaturized, Inherently Matched, and Scalable Folded Dipole Antennas with Applications in Narrowband Sensing

Sanghamitro Das
This work presents a novel technique for miniaturizing folded dipole antennas using a simple series reactive loading scheme that enables the input impedance to be engineered, such that the antenna can be matched inherently to either a real or a complex source impedance at a specified level of miniaturization. This ability to achieve good matching with respect to an essentially arbitrary source impedance allows these miniaturized antennas to be integrated into various wireless systems without
more » ... systems without using an external matching network, which usually Preface This thesis presents a miniaturization technique for folded dipole antennas, where the end product is an electrically small and inherently matched antenna that does not require any external matching network. My supervisor Prof. A. K. Iyer provided me with the initial idea, and I developed the corresponding miniaturization technique, including performing the simulations and measurements for all the reported antennas. Prof. Iyer played a strong supervisory role throughout the work.
doi:10.7939/r3-7q94-5054 fatcat:y2dmlvbopzgo7gnmxxebs3r53a