Circular 3D Printing: Reprintable Polymers for Digital Light Processing Printing [post]

Guangda Zhu, Yi Hou, Jian Xu, Ning Zhao
2020 unpublished
3D printing has become a disruptive technology and shown great potential for various practical applications. Specially, digital light processing (DLP) demonstrates advantages in high resolution and high efficiency. However, extensive production of infusible and insoluble thermosets in DLP printing causes serious resource waste and environmental problems after disposal. Herein, we report a reprintable linear polymer for circular DLP printing. Taking advantage of the dissolution of linear polymer
more » ... n of linear polymer in its monomer, printed objects can be recycled into liquid resin and reprinted via the same DLP. Polymerization kinetics and printing resolution of recycled resins, and mechanical properties of reprinted polymers retain identical as the original. Thermoplastic nature endows 3D objects with welding and reshaping property. Fully recyclable composites have also been successfully fabricated and sustainable usage of high-value fillers comes true. This strategy helps to address environmental issues arising from unprocessable thermosets and contributes to developing a circular materials economy.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:h4hd5qyctngghodd7huwloukni