The determination of gold in geologic materials by neutron-activation analysis using fire assay for the radiochemical separations [unknown]

Jack James Rowe, Frederick Otto Simon
1968 Circular   unpublished
In this rapid technique for determining gold at the parts-perbillion concentration level, 1-gram samples are irradiated for 10 hours in a flux of Sx1Ql2 neutrons per square centimeter per second and are allowed todecayfor lOdays, The samples are then carried through classical fire-assay separations in the presence of 20 to 50 milligrams of gold carrier, and the 2.7-day Aul98 is counted in a gamma-ray spectrometer. Forty sam p 1 e s can be processed in 8 hours, and a detection limit of 0.05 part per billion gold in a 1-gram sample is attainable.
doi:10.3133/cir599 fatcat:huixl746zvafpjd5gfdnqx7gya