Design disclosure for Blockchain-based Application used in public education certificates with electronic hashes

Arno Pfefferling, Patrick Kehling
Abstract: Blockchain Technology has become an innovative, mature tool for digital transformation, disrupting more and more application areas in their business processes, values, or even economic models. This paper leverages more than 30 academic publications on prototypes and their Blockchain-based use cases to transact certificates in the context of public education. The conceptual design and guiding ideas are reflected in the practical application development for the Federal Ministry of
more » ... ion and Research ECHT! project within the showcase region WIR! in Mittweida and are used for the research design. During this approach we applied agile methods and the current certificate process to propose a comprehensive disclosure of a new software prototype including a three-layered architecture with multi-stakeholder components. The artefact instantiation contributes to the practical knowledge base within Information System Research and specifically in digital certificate processes starting from creation, searching, and proofing up to revoking by consideration of an existing IT landscape as well as organizational hierarchy.
doi:10.48446/opus-13094 fatcat:xezehasotjc6lbda35oyxhgsoa