Pedestrian flow through multiple bottlenecks

Takahiro Ezaki, Daichi Yanagisawa, Katsuhiro Nishinari
2012 Physical Review E  
We investigate the dynamics of the evacuation process with multiple bottlenecks using the floor field model. To deal with this problem, we first focus on a part of the system and report its microscopic behavior. The system is controlled by parameters of inflow and the competitiveness of the pedestrians, and large inflow leads to a congested situation. Through simulations, the metastable state induced by conflicts of pedestrians is observed. The metastability is related to the phase transition
more » ... om free flow to congestion. The critical condition of the transition is theoretically derived. In addition, we give simulation results of situations with multiple bottlenecks. They imply that local improvement of pedestrian flow sometimes adversely affects the total evacuation time, and that the total optimization of the system is not straightforward.
doi:10.1103/physreve.86.026118 pmid:23005836 fatcat:uuockydscbfvjfpvyiqijmwx6y