Bonghan Ducts on the Surface of RAT Internal Organs(International Conference on Mind Body Science : Physical and Physiological Approach joint with The Eighteenth Symposium on Life Information Science)

Byung-Cheon Lee, Eun-sung Park, Tae Jeong Nam, Hyeon-Min Johng, Ku Youn Baik, Baeckkyoung Sung, Yeo-Sung Yoon, Kwang-Sup Soh
Journal of International Society of Life Information Science  
We developed a novel method to observe the released threadlike structure spread on rat internal organs. The technique we used is to spray hematoxylin on internal organs to stain nuclei ofthe threadlike structure. We scrutinized the surface ofinternal organs under stereomicroscope to find the nevel structure. Confocal microscope images revealed the distinctive characteristic pattern ofnuclei distribution that was consistent with the Bonghan's circulatory network,
doi:10.18936/islis.22.2_455 fatcat:dqlc6vndnjgp7obv7svjrx7rwy