Fast Wavelet Transform Algorithms for Sonar Signal Analysis

Limin Yu, Fei Ma, Langford B. White
2013 International Journal of Signal Processing Systems  
In active sonar, received echoes are composed of multiple replicas of transmitted sonar signal with time delays and attenuations through multipath. In nonstationary scenarios, different multipath also exhibits different scaling. This phenomenon provides a way to explicitly resolve the multipath components given the availability of a rational orthogonal wavelet (ROW) analysis framework. This paper establishes the ground work of a wavelet-based multipath resolving structure by tackling the fast
more » ... velet transform (FWT) filter bank (FB) design for ROWs. A review of different FWT algorithms in terms of scaling, translation and computational complexity is presented. The proposed FWT FB design for ROWs enables practical applications of the multipath/Doppler resolving structure in both active and passive sonar signal analysis. A simplified model for active sonar signal multipath resolving is presented to demonstrate the multipath resolving mechanism.  Index Terms-fast wavelet transform, sonar signal analysis, multipath, rational orthogonal wavelet, wavelet filter banks Limin Yu (M'12) received the B.Eng. and M.Sc. degrees . Her research interests include wavelet and filer banks, statical inference and signal processing theory with applications in underwater acoustic communications, sonar detection, broadband systems, sensor networks and medical image analysis.
doi:10.12720/ijsps.1.2.183-189 fatcat:7vnkofq345ga3hnxekef7xolv4