Volodymyr Vasylovych Prokopenko, Oleh Oleksandrovych Zakladnyi, Vlas Vasylovych Dielov, Paras Khadka
2018 POWER ENGINEERING economics technique ecology  
In this work elaborated model of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, carry out simulation of different modes of operating, assessment and optimization of consumption electric and heat energy. Given understanding and problem of HVAC system as important influence factor on energy demand, also it is need to mention that research in that field requires a lot of knowledge in different fields of science. Due to regression analyses were done to find a model of system to estimate
more » ... e accuracy in comparison with real HVAC system, it was based on LabView, MATLAB Simulink and OpenModelica simulation tools. This work consider HVAC system, development from system a model which basically can be described by internal elements like fan, heater, air piping and etc. Also it will be found new strategies to achieve optimal regulation for such system, which allow to confirm the best decision depending on multivariable changing dynamic model.. Introduced and considered standard feedback system built on PI controller. Simulation results show possibility of significant energy savings and comfort enhancement using the proposed strategy at different operation modes. Carried out economic assessmant of modified technology implemented in PI controller like part of start-up project. Develop recommendations in exploitation of such systems. The results can be utilized to estimate the energy demand for HVAC system at different times of year, which would contribute to improving the accuracy of prediction automotic devices.
doi:10.20535/1813-5420.1.2018.133036 fatcat:yghqi7zysrek3ahuovwa34uc2q