Increase in the Expertise of the Staff through Development of Mechanism for Inter company Delegation of Authorities

Elena M. Mylnikova, Olga V. Yakupova
2015 Leadership and Management  
Authors state that one of main tasks for increase in expertise of the staff is reasonable distribution of one's powers and resources that is the binding condition for provision of the company's competitiveness. However, in fact the situation may arise when the manager has no one to transfer his/her rights: due to lack of trust to his/her subordinates, lack of necessary knowledge and skills, lack of experience at an employee etc. The manager is often sure that he/she will do everything better on
more » ... verything better on his/her own. However, theory and practice show that the single person cannot implement all tasks in the effective and rational manner. But the lack of employees' knowledge of the managerial structure has a quite strong effect on effectiveness of performance of authorities delegated to them. Another one issue is related to the fact that many employees don't know the Labour Code. Thus, the employee must know not only his/her rights but also his/her duties for successful implementation of his/her activity. It leads to the fact that most of employees pose the infinite number of requirements to the employer as they don't know the full range of their duties. Moreover, the quite significant component for the employee's expertise is implementation of the professional development in such type of events as obtaining of the additional education, attending advanced training courses etc. Thus, authors have drawn up the conclusion that if employees are bound up in the company and perform authorities delegated by the manager they will not only grow as professionals but know that they actively participate in creation of the added value, i.e. the company's effective activity.
doi:10.18334/lim.2.2.599 fatcat:faqgvzygwrfrzf4mv3rh43fxva