W.C.B. Fifield
1858 The Lancet  
101 were yet identical. He had remarked in the same family how these throat affections approximated and diverged from the diphtheritic type; in some there was exudation, in others ulceration and excavation. He found strong caustics the most beneficial application, and the internal use of calomel generally I desirable. Dr. SANDERSON, in reply, said that diphtherite and croup were one and the same disease ; and that, in his opinion, the pultaceous pharyngitis of the French was the disease lately
more » ... revalent in this country. WESTERN MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SOCIETY. AT the last meeting of the above Society, Mr. A. B. BARNES made some remarks on OVARIOTOMY. OVARIOTOMY. He had been led to the consideration of this subject by a case on which he had lately operated, and which was now progressing to a favourable termination. The patient was nineteen years of age; the disease under which she laboured was a large unilocular ovarian cyst, containing four gallons of fluid; there were no adhesions. Having given the details of this case, he adverted to his individual experience of operative procedure for the radical cure of ovarian dropsy, which extended now to 13 cases. In 8 of these (including that just alluded to) the cyst was removed from the abdominal cavity; in the remaining 5, the tumour, on account of adhesions, could not be extracted. Of the 8 removed, 2 died of the immediate effects of the operation, and 6 recovered, showing a mortality of 1 in 4, or of 25 per cent. Of the 5 cases in which the dis. ease could not be removed, all recovered from the operation.
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