Ahmed Sékou Touré [chapter]

Muhamed Kamil
Leadership in Postcolonial Africa  
The aim of this research is to present a new criterion for earliest crescent visibility based on the brightness difference between the young crescent and its background sky at sunset. In this work, 141 and 52 of lunar crescent observations from Malaysia and Iran respectively has been studied and analyzed. The data collected consisted of visible and non-visible observation data (naked eye and optically aided). The results indicated that the Moon's percentage illumination (or Moon's phase) must
more » ... 0.52 % ± 0.10 % and 0.39 % ± 0.10 % for Malaysia and Iran respectively. The average sky brightness during sunset measured was 6.80 ± 1.13 magnitude/arcsecond . 2
doi:10.1057/9781137478122.0004 fatcat:qxde4g44lbgqnkxyswnvtmsppq