Relevance of Micro-leakage to Orthodontic Bonding-a Review

Karandish, Maryam Karandish
2016 Journal of Dental Biomaterials   unpublished
As it is seen, by passing the evolutionary process of banding of orthodontic attachments to the bonding ones, orthodontics have witnessed many developments, such as application of new adhesives, optimized base designs, new bracket materials, curing methods and more efficient primers. The studies often address the morphological, micro-leakage, and shear bond tests to evaluate bond efficacy. Among studies endeavored to develop the bond strength of brackets, some observed the reduction of
more » ... kage of bracket-adhesive and enamel-adhesive interfaces. Owing to the importance of micro-leakage in orthodontics, this study aimed at reviewing the micro-leakage values directly relevant to the enamel decay and debonding of the brackets. To reach the best bond strength, the researchers tried to design different studies to evaluate the effect of variables and prevent any possible side effects in clinical situations. It is noticed that most studies have mainly focused on adhesives, enamel preparation and methods of curing which are discussed in this review. The literature was reviewed by searching databases, using micro-leakage and orthodontic bonding as the keywords. Having found the relevant studies, the researchers entered them into the database. After reviewing numerous studies conducted in this field, the type of adhesive or curing method was not found to have determinative role in the value of micro-leakage although more standardized studies are needed.