My own will in contemporary Serbian languaculture
Своя воля в современной сербской лингвокультуре

Dragana Popović, Duszanka Mirić
2020 Etnolingwistyka  
The article analyzes Serbian words that denote a manifestation of one's own will. They form a semantic field with the central and unifying element of upornost (persistence). The manifestation of one's own will is considered a behaviour/characteristic of a person that can be evaluated by others. The article defines the types and causes of these assessments and clarifies the relationship between ways of behaviour. Special attention is paid to the characteristics prkos (stubborn pertinacity) and
more » ... at (contrariness), as idiosyncratic and typical of Serbian culture, and their place in the value system of Serbs.
doi:10.17951/et.2020.32.85 fatcat:nfovjvgvjbfpnnclmcyb5z5nsm