A GUIDE TO BASIC BLAZONRY For Students at Level 1 of the RHSC Heraldry Proficiency Course Illustrations by Gordon Macpherson

Kevin Greaves
GENERAL Blazon is the language of heraldry. Although it may be archaic in form, it can describe an achievement much more precisely than can ordinary language. The objective of the heraldic blazon is to be clear and concise. While there may be more than one set of words available to create a proper blazon, an experienced heraldic artist should be able to draw the achievement from the words of the blazon and the guidance of the artist should be the primary intent in all cases. While a concise,
more » ... While a concise, neatly worded blazon can be a source of satisfaction, clever wording should never replace clarity of meaning. This handbook is intended to provide the beginner with a single correct way to blazon a given achievement, not two or three alternatives, no matter how correct. It is not intended as a guide to heraldic design. Also, it is assumed that the student has done the necessary homework on shields, ordinaries, charges, etc, and that what is required here is a guide to describing them in proper form and sequence. [A] THE SHIELD THE NORMAL SEQUENCE The Following provides the normal sequence for blazoning a shield: