Study on the Role of Context in Discourse Analysis from the Viewpoint of "Make" in Different Sentence Meanings

Zhou Ling, Tian Chuanmao
2020 International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences  
In our real life, we have been performing various verbal communications on different context condition of the discourse analysis. The study of context is derived from the study of language meaning. Then, what is "meaning"? This is a question which scholars have been striving to answer for a long time. In the course of their study, they realized that the explanation of meaning could not be achieved without a full understanding of context. Early in ancient Greek and Rome, scholars began realizing
more » ... ars began realizing the intimate relationship between language and certain features of situation. We will find out that different words and sentences should carry the same meaning, or vice versa, one word should express different meanings. The key point is whether the selected words or sentences can match the homologous context. If it does, then, sound effects are shown; if not, what we have emerged has no claim to be a successful communication. Context and text are complementary and mutually dependent. Text, without its specific language environment, is impossible to be accessible to the true meaning of it. This essay will first give a review of the researches on context and discuss the development of scholars' studies of context. The author is going to present the view on context from the point of "make" in different sentences.
doi:10.22161/ijels.56.4 fatcat:k53nw74xtra2dcbsq5upo6e46q