Laparoscopic approach to recurrence following multiple surgeries for external rectal prolapse: a case report

Kosuke Toda, Taro Aoyama, Kenjiro Hirai, Taisuke Uemura, Haruku Fujita, Asami Okabe, Hidenori Ohe, Tsuyoshi Tachibana, Akira Mitsuyoshi
2021 Surgical Case Reports  
Introduction The optimal procedure for recurrent external rectal prolapse remains unclear, particularly in laparoscopic approach. In addition, pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is sometimes concomitant with rectal prolapse. We present a case who underwent laparoscopic procedure for the recurrence of full-thickness external rectal prolapse coexisting POP. Case presentation An 81-year-old parous female had a 10-cm full-thickness external rectal prolapse following the two operations: the first was
more » ... al recto-sigmoidectomy and the second was laparoscopic posterior mesh rectopexy. Imaging study revealed that the recurrent rectal prolapse was concomitant with both cystocele and exposed vagina, what we call POP. We planned and successfully performed laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy (LVMR) with laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy (LSC) using self-cut meshes without any perioperative complication. Conclusion This is the first report of LVMR and LSC for recurrent rectal prolapse with POP following the perineal recto-sigmoidectomy and laparoscopic posterior mesh rectopexy. Even for recurrent rectal prolapse with POP, our experience suggests that LVMR and LSC could be utilized.
doi:10.1186/s40792-021-01154-2 pmid:33742270 fatcat:wc4riwysbfcxlg4a2fs4ufefpy