Use of RAPD in assessing the genetic variability in Spodoptera litura

S Janarthanan, S Seshadri, K Kathiravan, S Ignacimuthu
2002 Indian journal of experimental biology  
A polymerase chain reaction based assay to distinguish six different ecotypes of the Spodoptera litura, a sporadic insect pest and a predominant defoliator of various crops was carried out. A total of 40 random primers were screened to reveal the existence of polymorphism between the populations. Among them eight showed scorable banding patterns and three primers (OPA-01, OPA-05, OPM-01) exhibited distinguishable banding patterns. However, Chengalpattu and Chennai populations revealed their
more » ... revealed their closed relatedness and Coimbatore population stood distantly from others.
pmid:12597556 fatcat:yfoubcfnfvdorlsauh7usaj66a