Preparation and Characterization of Coal Tar Pitch-based Activated Carbon Fibers. II. Cu(II) and Ni(II) Adsorption in Activated Carbon Fibers during Physical Activation
콜타르피치 기반 활성탄소섬유의 제조 및 특성에 관한 연구. II. 물리적 활성화법에 의한 활성탄소섬유의 구리(II), 니켈(II) 흡착 특성

Bo-Kyung Choi, Kwang-Eui Yoon, Min-Kang Seo, Soo-Jin Park
2015 Textile Science and Engineering  
In this paper, the heavy metal ion adsorption behavior in coal tar pitch-based activated carbon fibers (ACFs) during physical activation is presented. N 2 adsorption isotherms at 77 K were examined using Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET), Horvath-Kawazoe (H-K), and Barret-Joyner-Halenda (BJH) methods to characterize specific surface area, pore volume, and pore size distribution. The removal of heavy metal ions from ACFs was confirmed by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). Experimental results for
more » ... mental results for the ACFs showed a type I isothermal adsorption curve, which confirmed that the created pores were mostly microporous. After a 40-min steam activation, the fibers showed a high specific surface area of 1,693 m 2 /g. In addition, all heavy metal ions in the ACFs were adsorbed after about 20 min, and the adsorption reached equilibrium within 1 h. It was found that the adsorption capacity of the ACFs was improved by the presence of micropores but was also dependent on the specific surface area of the ACF.
doi:10.12772/tse.2015.52.097 fatcat:2vu7ia5fkvfxzawrzmz3fpqw4e