Localization of radiolabeled enzyme inhibitors in the adrenal gland

W H Beierwaltes, D M Wieland, R D Ice, J E Seabold, S D Sarkar, S P Gill, S T Mosley
1976 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Tissue distribution studies were performed in rats and dogs at five time intervals between 10 min and 24 hr after the intravenous injection of one of the following radiolabeled adrenocortical enzyme inhibitors: 3H-amino-glutethimide, 125I-3-iodoaminoglutethimide, 3H-SKF-12185, 125I-3-SKF-12185, 3H-metyrapone. 3H-metyrapol. 3H-amphenone B, and 3H-SU-10603. In rats, 3H-SKF-12185 showed the highest uptake in the whole adrenal (3.5% kg dose/gm at 1 hr). In dogs, 3H-metyrapol showed the highest
more » ... ed the highest uptake in the adrenal cortex (9% kg dose/gm at 1 hr), and the peak cortex-to-liver concentration ratio was 57 at 2 hr. These peaks uptakes were comparable to those obtained with the conventional iodocholesterols, but they were reached much earlier, with elimination of most of the adrenal radioactivity by 24 hr. These properties would permit the use of 123I as the label and a higher tracer dose, resulting in a higher photon flux. Thus, the radiolabeled enzyme inhibitors show promise as adrenal-scanning agents, with a markedly shortened scanning procedure, a lower absorbed radiation dose, and better resolution.
pmid:135823 fatcat:rxq473i56bbojeqp6lfnoy7z2i