Collider Phenomenology with Split-UED [report]

Kyoungchul Kong
2011 unpublished
We investigate the collider implications of Split Universal Extra Dimensions. The non-vanishing fermion mass in the bulk, which is consistent with the KK-parity, largely modifies the phenomenology of Minimal Universal Exta Dimensions. We scrutinize the behavior of couplings and study the discovery reach of the Tevatron and the LHC for level-2 Kaluza-Klein modes in the dilepton channel, which would indicates the presence of the extra dimensions. Observation of large event rates for dilepton
more » ... s for dilepton resonances can result from a nontrivial fermion mass profile along the extra dimensions, which, in turn, may corroborate an extra dimensional explanation for the observation of the positron excess in cosmic rays.
doi:10.2172/1032781 fatcat:3qs7bfdhjzbb3dfz6s62dd26ey