Security and Privacy Preserving Keyword Search for Cipher Text Retrieval in Cloud Computing based on Oppositional Grasshopper optimization

Kasiviswanadham Y, Dr.Subbarao Ch.D.V.
2021 Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering  
Because more and more people and businesses are storing data in the cloud on a remote basis, cloud security is an essential research topic. Improving the data security and privacy our proposed work uses combination of Blowfish algorithm as well as Elliptic curve cryptography (Blowfish+ECC). This study mainly focusses on two stages; public key encryption as well as keyword retrieval. Initially, ECC provide access control for both data owner and authorized users. Porter stemming is used to
more » ... keywords in the data pre-processing stage. The data owner uses the bloom filter to construct a secure index for each file. The data owner then encrypts the files using the blowfish encryption method and public keys. In the next stage, the trapdoor code is generated. After the user receives the information, the keyword search approach is utilized to discover matched files. The Oppositional based Grasshopper optimization Algorithm is used to select the optimal solution after gathering matched files. Finally, using the blowfish decryption method, the original files are decrypted.
doi:10.21817/indjcse/2021/v12i6/211206041 fatcat:ixpx5f6ofzdlzhuue6hi5jlwtm