Problems of improving conceptual apparatus in the field of protection and use of natural medicinal resources, medical and recreational areas and resorts

N. G. Zhavoronkova, G. V. Vypkhanova
2019 Актуальные проблемы российского права  
The paper contains an analysis of theoretical problems associated with the conceptual apparatus in the sanatorium and resort sphere. They are largely due to the complex nature of the legal regulation of relations on the use and protection of natural medicinal resources, medical and recreational areas and resorts by the norms of legislation on public health, civil, urban planning, environmental, land and other branches of legislation. Accordingly, the assessment of legal concepts should cover
more » ... sphere of regulation of natural resource relations related to the use of natural resources for therapeutic and recreational purposes; the provision of services, the implementation of sanatorium-resort activities as an integral part of health and socio-economic relations; territorial (spatial) development of resort areas, medical and recreational areas; ecological relations due to the classification of such areas as specially protected. In the study of basic concepts — «health-improving terrain», «resort» — their characteristics such as «curative», «preventive», «wellness» are examined, contradictions in legislation are revealed, the necessity of expanding the criteria that are the basis for imparting with therapeutic natural resources, the corresponding legal status is justified. The necessity of expanding the terms and concepts related to the resort sphere — «resort infrastructure», «resort infrastructure user», «accommodation object», etc. is shown. The authors justify other proposals in the context of recent legislative initiatives in this area.
doi:10.17803/1994-1471.2019.101.4.186-194 fatcat:g4mwkzypc5bh5jq6n7kwm73x2e