A Block Cipher Generation Using Color Substitution

Lt. Ravindra Babu Kallam, Dr. S. Udaya Kumar, Dr. M. Thirupathi Reddy
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The most influential and universal approach to countering the threats to network / information security is encryption. Even though it is very authoritative, the cryptanalysts are very intelligent and they were working day and night to break the ciphers. To make a stronger cipher it is recommended that to use: More stronger and complicated encryption algorithms, Keys with more number of bits (Longer keys), larger block size as input to process, use authentication and confidentiality and secure
more » ... iality and secure transmission of keys. It is certain that, if we follow all the mentioned principles, can make a very stronger cipher. With this we have the following problems: It is a time consuming process for both encryption and decryption, It is difficult for the crypt analyzer to analyze the problem. Also suffers with the problems in the existing system. The main intention of this paper is to present an innovative cryptographic Substitution method, can generate stronger cipher then the existing substitution algorithms. We are sure that concept is new and the cryptanalysis did on this will prove that the cipher is strong. Categories and Subject Descriptors C#.net is used for coding and design of front end; it a simple modern object oriented and type safe programming language. C# combines the high productivity of rapid application development languages and the raw power of c++. It includes an interactive development environment, visual designers for building windows and web applications, a compiler and a debugger. Even though c# is a new language it has complete access to the same rich class libraries that are used by session tools such as visual basic.net and visual c++.net.[14] [15]
doi:10.5120/515-832 fatcat:y24ezhlfl5c2tmhgddujrbfefe