Structured Document Retrieval [entry]

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CWI and University of Twente used PF/Tijah, a flexible XML retrieval system, to evaluate structured document retrieval, multimedia retrieval, and entity ranking tasks in the context of INEX 2007. For the retrieval of textual and multimedia elements in the Wikipedia data, we investigated various length priors and found that biasing towards longer elements than the ones retrieved by our language modelling approach can be useful. For retrieving images in isolation, we found that their associated
more » ... their associated text is a very good source of evidence in the Wikipedia collection. For the entity ranking task, we used random walks to model multi-step relevance propagation from the articles describing entities to all related entities and further, and obtained promising results.
doi:10.1007/springerreference_63495 fatcat:tqc3irpznza6rovwcpvhkcjzqm