Photodesorption from copper, beryllium, and thin films

C. L. Foerster, H. J. Halama, G. Korn
1992 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films  
i ABSTI_CT Ever increasing circulating currents in electron-positron colliders and light sources demand lower and lower photodesportion (PSD) from the surfaces of their vacuum chambers and ' their photon absorbers. This is particularly important in compact electron storage rings and B meson factories where photon power of several kW cm" is deposited on the surfaces. Given the above factors we have measured PSD from lm long bars of (a) solid copper and solid beryllium, and Co), TiN, Au and C
more » ... films deposited on solid copper bars. Each sample was exposed to about 10_ photons/m with a critical energy of 500 eV at the VUV ring of the NSLS. -PSD was recorded for two conditions: after a 200°C bake-out and after an Ar glow discharge cleaning. In addition, we also measured reflected photons, photoelectrons and desorption as functions of normal, 75 mrad, 100 mrad,and 125 mrad incident photons. = I *
doi:10.1116/1.578028 fatcat:moilhajol5ennacszdt3ghd5uu