A New Procedure to Understanding Formulas of Generalized Quantum Mean Values for a Composite A + B

F Navarro
2012 Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics   unpublished
Herein is presented a research concerning to the calculation of quantum mean values, for a composite A + B, by using different formulas to expressions in Boltzmann-Gibbs-Shannon's statistics. It is analyzed why matrix formulas with matrices E A and E B , in Hilbert subspaces, produce identical results to full Hilbert space formulas. In accord to former investigations, those matrices are the true density matrices, inside third version of nonextensive statistical mechanics. Those investigations
more » ... se investigations were obtained by calculating the thermodynamical parameters of magnetization and internal energy for magnetic materials. This publication shows that it is not necessary postulate the mean value formulas in Hilbert subspaces, but they can be formally derived from full Hilbert space, taking into consideration the very statistical independence concept.