Temporal Modeling Approaches for Large-scale Youtube-8M Video Understanding [article]

Fu Li, Chuang Gan, Xiao Liu, Yunlong Bian, Xiang Long, Yandong Li, Zhichao Li, Jie Zhou, Shilei Wen
2017 arXiv   pre-print
This paper describes our solution for the video recognition task of the Google Cloud and YouTube-8M Video Understanding Challenge that ranked the 3rd place. Because the challenge provides pre-extracted visual and audio features instead of the raw videos, we mainly investigate various temporal modeling approaches to aggregate the frame-level features for multi-label video recognition. Our system contains three major components: two-stream sequence model, fast-forward sequence model and temporal
more » ... esidual neural networks. Experiment results on the challenging Youtube-8M dataset demonstrate that our proposed temporal modeling approaches can significantly improve existing temporal modeling approaches in the large-scale video recognition tasks. To be noted, our fast-forward LSTM with a depth of 7 layers achieves 82.75% in term of GAP@20 on the Kaggle Public test set.
arXiv:1707.04555v1 fatcat:nmapxga24fd7vhi2gefsc7tsy4