Desmutagenic Effect of Water Extract from Areca catechu L. on the Mutagenicity of N-Methyl-N-Nitro-N'-Nitrosoguanidinein in E. coli PQ37
N-methyl-N-nitro-N'-nitrosoguanidine의 변이원성에 대한 빈랑 물 추출물의 돌연변이 억제효과

Wei Jie Wu, Byung-Yong Ahn
2012 Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science  
The desmutagenic activity of the water extract of Areca catechu L. on the mutagenicity induced by aflatoxin B 1 (AFB 1 ), N-methyl-N-nitro-N'-nitrosoguani-dine (MNNG), mitomycin C (MMC) and 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide (4-NQO) was studied by using the SOS Chromotest with Escherichia coli PQ37. The inhibition rates of water extract of Areca catechu L. at concentration of 100 ㎍/assay were 41.0%, 47%, 46%, and 32% against AFB 1, MNNG, MMC and 4-NQO, respectively. The water extract of Areca catechu L.
more » ... as separated into methanol soluble and methanol insoluble parts. The methanol insoluble part exhibited higher inhibition effect than the methanol soluble part against the mutagenic activities of MNNG. Step-wise fractionation of methanol insoluble part was done to obtain methanol, ethyl acetate and water fractions. Among these fractions, water fraction had the strongest inhibitory effect of 45.0% against mutagenicities of MNNG. The inhibition rates of aqueous fraction of methanol-insoluble from water extracted Areca catechu L. at concentrations of 1.61, 16.13, 161.29 and 322.58 ㎍/mL were 12.0%, 24.0%, 47.5% and 62.0%, respectively. The water fraction showed the inhibitory effects with dose response against the mutagenic activity induced by MNNG.
doi:10.7783/kjmcs.2012.20.1.016 fatcat:5auoq5mhdfbq3opl22oc72eogm