Discussion on the Reform of Civil Service English Course Based on ESP Theory

2019 2019 International Conference on Arts, Management, Education and Innovation (ICAMEI 2019)   unpublished
This paper starts with the ESP theory, discusses the current situation and problems of college English teaching, analyzes the necessity of ESP teaching reform and puts forward the model and new method of college English ESP teaching reform, and makes a comparison of three methods with language-centered and skill-centered learning as the center. ESP is extremely meaning The essence of professional English is ESP. ESP is an acronym for English for Specific Purposes, as opposed to English for
more » ... al Purposes (EGP). Specialized English is generally divided into academic use of English and work use of English. English for Academic Purposes refers to the use of English for various academic exchanges, such as reading English literature, writing English papers, defending papers and attending international academic conferences. English for Occupational Purposes or English for vocational Purposes refers to the use of English to complete various tasks. Work Use of English includes the whole process of daily communication between students in job search and application, as well as in the industry. English course standard definition The meaning of the course standard The etymology of English curriculum standards is divided into two types: curriculum and syllabus. The American curriculum tradition has little difference between the two, while the British curriculum tradition points the curriculum to the national curriculum standards and syllabus is subordinate to the curriculum standards. For course design. Although curriculum standards differ by country and region differences, the basic structure of current curriculum standards is clear, including four different aspects of curriculum objectives, course content, implementation methods and assessment feedback. The English language curriculum standards (syllabus) are generally established based on content goals and performance goals and are essentially the embodiment of education and reality education. The content standard emphasizes the mastery and reserve of language knowledge and language skills, which is the presupposition of the expected goal, while the performance goal focuses on the language acquisition, learning progress and experience of the 2019 International Conference on Arts, Management, Education and Innovation (ICAMEI 2019) Published by CSP
doi:10.23977/icamei.2019.103 fatcat:vyaa2devrvhtvfo4vhzsbzmyna