RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CONVECTIVE HEAT TRANSFER COEFFICIENT AND HEAT RELEASE RATE AND SCALE OF COMPARTMENT : Convective heat transfer in the early stage of fires in small scale compartments Part 2
熱伝達率と発熱速度及び区画規模との関係 : 小規模区画における火災初期の対流熱伝達 その2

Shigeru YAMADA, Takeyoshi TANAKA, Hiroshi YOSHINO
1997 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
The goal of this study is to dcvelQp a simple and practical model fbr predicting an overaU convective heat transfer coe 茄 cient in compartment ∬res . Experim¢ nts using a small sGaic ( 500mm oube ) and a medium scale ( 1500mm cube ) compartments were conducted to investigate th¢ convective heat transfer coemcient in the early stage of fires . It is fbund that dimensionless heat release rate Q " which is de行ncd using heat release rate of fire source arld height cf cernpartment as characteristie
more » ... ength can provid ¢ a 血ir scaling parameter fbr convective heat transfbr coefflcient with difl セ rent heat release rate and scalo of compartment in the early stage of fire in which the now induced by fire source is oonsidered to be dominant , KaywordS : compartmentfire , early stage , convective heat transfer . dimensionteSS heat release rate , dimensionless heat transfer coeffcient
doi:10.3130/aija.62.1_5 fatcat:46fxxmoefbatbij7wiwfhibgke