Strength Evaluation of Fly Ash Blend Fibre Reinforced Filler Slab

Boney Mukkaden, Sugabraman, Sunnilla George, P Student, Head
2015 unpublished
The Fibre reinforced filler slab using fly ash is an innovative experimental technique in which a filler material is used to replace concrete in the tensile zone hence making the overall section an economic one. Sufficient precaution should be taken to resist the abatement in concrete section. Filler material which could be considered would be an easily available and highly economical mud roof tile .Which can be provided at regular intervals .Further economy can be achieved by replacement of
more » ... y replacement of fine aggregate with limited percentage of fly ash as per the code recommendation .During the time being ,were the material availability seemed to be in greater crisis ,I personally find this experimental investigation as a clever gambit stand, to maintain the overall economy of quality constructions works.